Message from the CEO – September, 2015


We are pleased to report that our filings are up to date and filed up to and including June 30, 2015. The Company is in process of filing with the Canadian Exchange Commissions in order to lift the trade restriction that company has been under for some time in Canada. The next filing deadline is Oct 15, 2015 and we now have the personnel and reporting structures in place to deal with our financial information responsibly. Many of our Canadian investors have had to have significant patience while we have been through this protracted process.
The Company is very appreciative of the support we have received from our shareholders and are now just days away from demonstrating our technology in one of the largest battery shows in the world. On September 15 – 17th, Sunvault Energy along with the Edison Power Company will be presenting at the Battery Show in Novi, Michigan.
The Company will be showing its Graphene Energy Storage Device, which is now at a level that has some superior performance characteristics to lithium ion.
This video: Graphene Energy Storage Device shows that we have developed a 2000 Farad building block from which we can now create a number of varying sizes and ranges of Energy storage devices. The video shows a 2000 farad energy storage device roughly the size of a credit card. For example – if we wanted to get to 10,000 farads, it would be like piling 5 credit cards on top of each other. So it is easy to envision an approximate 20x20x 20 cube that would weigh about 40 lbs, require no cooling and be able to power an electric vehicle. One that would be fast charging, under 10 minutes, and that would run as a real electric car, when I say real I mean real world with the ability to drive your car as far as a tank of gas would get you and plug in to charge within the same relative time it would have taken you to fill your car up with gas and you are on your way.
This year we expect to focus on business models that directly relate to our technologies. The Graphene Energy Storage Device has many potential purposes including powering Smart Phones, A real electric car (one that gives the freedom of a car – range, charge times and flexibility) and grid stabilization and home energy storage opportunities. Our Plans for the development of a “real Car” working with Edison Power are as follows:
Edison Power and SunVault Energy have agreed to build an Electric Supercar to showcase the Graphene Energy Storage System. The car will be named the “Edison Electron One” and will be built by the newly incorporated Edison Motor Cars. The companies will be collaborating with MK Technologies Ltd. ( in the design and creation of this spectacular automobile. The Chassis and body are from Factory Five and will be modified to suit our technologies.

edison car

The car’s speed and economy will come from a uniquely designed power system of a electric drive unit for each wheel, this will give the Edison Electron One unequalled traction control of close to 1000 foot pounds of torque (1355 Newton meters) , which is almost double the 560 foot pounds of a Ferrari 488 GTB, and a third more than that of the Tesla P85D which is rated at 713 foot pounds and slightly more than the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid which is at 980 foot pounds (1328 Newton meter). The car is expected to be ready by the first quarter of 2016 and is expected to do zero to sixty in 2.0 to 2.2 seconds and be rechargeable in 5 minutes, subject to power availability at charging stations. The Company believes a whole industry will be created specifically for the charging of electric vehicles and that its storage system can facilitate this new industry. As far as distance the “Edison Electron One” will perform to the same level of other competitive electric cars with the exception of being able to get much more of a charge in 5 minutes. The most important safety feature is that there will be no risk of fire or explosion associated to Lithium Ion batteries.
Outside of developing the car for the purposes of showcasing our Graphene Energy Storage Device in real world settings, the company is also exploring potential partnerships and relationships in the Smart Phone, the Home off Grid Market and Grid Stabilization/Utility markets. The Graphene Energy Storage device is the solution for these markets. We believe we are on the way to not augmenting – but replacing lithium ion batteries.